About Us

Shaare is a Business Media and Sharing Platform created by Shaare Technologies LLC. Shaare Technologies LLC is a family owned Business Solutions Software Development Company of Dallas Texas USA. Shaare is dedicated to the development of computer and mobile technology for business management and marketing, and business to business and business to customer solutions.

Since 2014 Shaare has been developing an array of technology products for the world market. Shaare is Shaare’s first global release and it is an online and mobile app business marketing and customer relationship management software. Shaare release in 2018 is the first version of a developing technology that will evolve with a strategic timeline by periodic updates. Shaare Work Forms is a suite of business management solutions software that is being developed whilst being used by select businesses.

Shaare Technologies LLC has a vision to grow as a global technology company, with an expanding portfolio of complementary business technology concepts, that are currently under development.